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Fall Trends 2021

Have you been wondering what is trending this Fall? We are here to help! The top trends this fall are shackets , western inspired outfits including boots and felt hats, crewneck sweaters and mom jeans. Blazers and Faux leather are a big hit as well. All of these fashion statements can be made with Sassy Queen Tees and Sweaters and we wanted to bring you some outfit ideas and inspiration.

For our "Boho Babe" the shacket trend is a must.

How cute is a plaid shacket over any of our graphic tees. You can mix and match colors and designs too. Great for any occasion.

We are absolutely loving the shacket paired with the mom jean trend.

They both go perfect with all of our graphic tees. You can wear your true size in the tees and front tuck it to give you a little form since everything else is oversized.

If you live somewhere that gets colder than Texas you can even do the shacket over our crewneck sweaters.

Did you know our crewneck sweaters are super soft and not too heavy? You can wear them as the main piece or even layer them with a jacket or shacket.

You can go up a size for the “oversized” look and pull them through winter for the sweater and leggings look.

Since we are on the subject of leggings, let's talk about faux leather next.

Who doesn't love a good pair of faux leather leggings?

Pair these with one of our edgy graphic tees or sweaters and you are ready to go. Spice it up with your favorite designer bag and sneakers.

One of our favorite trends this fall is the western inspired look!

What babe doesn't love a good hat? Felt hats are in! Pair your favorite Sassy Queen Tee with a felt hat and a pair of cowgirl boots. You will be right with what is trending for Fall 2021. You could even take it one step farther and do a pair of bell bottoms and a fringe bag. Go all in and make the statement!

We have so many women that are in the working world so we want to make sure you can rock Sassy Queen to work as well. Pairing a blazer with a graphic tee is perfect for the "working babe". The business casual look is trending for the fall season.

You can never go wrong throwing a blazer over a tee.

For the bottoms you can do a maxi skirt or a flare trouser . Grab your favorite bag and heels and you are set to make a statement when you walk into the office.

We hope we gave you some outfit ideas to start wearing and make sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter and blog to find out more!

XOXO Sassy Queen

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