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7 ways to style your favorite Sassy Queen graphic tees

The first way is the perfect outfit for the babe out and about. Shackets are a great way to spice up any graphic tee.

Second, is for the street style babe. Jazz up your tee with your favorite outerwear and ballcap.

Third way to style a graphic tee is to spice it up with mixing a camo jacket or faux leather skirt. Great for the trendy babe!

The fourth way is perfect for the travel babe. Pairing a maxi skirt with a floral or color tee.

The fifth way is great for the working babe. Styling your tee with a blazer and dress slacks, adding your favorite heel and you're ready for the office.

Next is the perfect outfit for the boho babe. A midi skirt with a chunky bootie and felt hat is a cute way to spice up a graphic tee. White leather booties are a statement this fall.

Last is the perfect outfit for the Mom. A quick and stylish outfit. All you have to do is throw on your "mom jeans" and. your favorite sneakers and you are out the door.

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